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Aug 25 2012

Room #306: Now Open!

To my incredible family:

cried when I found this in my mailbox:

Thanks to you guys, I can get my students more supplies that will help them be creative and, more importantly, stay organized!

With that, I hereby declare Mann Elementary; Room #306 now “officially” open to students, parents, teachers, administrators, visitors, and… DONATIONS!!!

Yes, the dust has been cleared away, the computers have been set-up (by my loving boyfriend), the “Gold Medal Help” jobs chart is up, “Olympic Level Word Wall” is ready for new words, and the students are ready to run with their learning!  They asked me everyday during orientation when they were coming to our room.
Monday! Monday! Monday!  Let the learning begin!

Now that we are organized, color-coded, and label-happy in our room, I have realized… It’s rather empty… The bare shelves and empty bins, while comforting to me because it looks neat and orderly, indicates that we have hardly any supplies…

The basic classroom essentials are missing:

  • Markers, scissors, glue sticks, tape, construction and notebook paper, colored pencils, writing paper, “cool” pencils,
  • Prizes! (aka Dollar Store toys!)
  • Bulletin board paper, borders, letters, and decorations, (Olympic theme this year!)
  • College “Stuff!” (I will be reaching out to the Rutgers Alumni association for this, but more schools should be represented! Come on, my Buckeyes!)
  • BOOKS!!! (see note about books…)
  • Tissues, and the ever important, hand sanitizer

The students, who were able to, did in fact bring some of these items in.  However, because my students have Morning Meeting/Homeroom with their grade-level classmates, I missed out on the collection of those supplies…

Thus, a shameless plug:
If you feel so compelled, to donate any of these supplies, or any BOOKS you no longer want, we will gladly take them off your hands! ;)
(Books are the biggest need right now!)

Brooke Schwamburger
Mastery Charter-Mann Elementary: Room #306
5376 West Berks Street
Philadelphia, PA 19131

It is important to note, that while any and all books would be appreciated, we have a difficult situation when choosing appropriate books for my boys:
1.  They are 3rd-6th grade boys–reading is “not that cool”–we need books that are high-interest to them, and “cool!”
2.  They are NOT yet reading on grade-level–think around a 1st grade reading level, which usually includes “babyish books.”
It is a dilemma, and part of what makes my job so incredibly challenging.
If you can find books that fit both of those criteria; WOW! We want those!!!  We NEED those in our room!!!

THANK YOU! I have been OVERWHELMED by the amount of love, encouragement, and support that has already poured out to me!  To my friends and family, who called, texted, messaged, and checked in with me all week! And to my colleagues, for providing me with such great support, knowledge, and reassurance me that I can do this, and they are there for me!


P.S. Is it College Football season yet?!!  Waking up on a Saturday, after a week of school, feels incomplete without my Buckeyes and Knights!

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