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Sep 07 2012

Just When I Thought…

Before I say anything about this week, let me just show you how we finished last week:

"I Am" Poems
The “Academic Athletes” of Room #306
“I Am” Poems

Let me just say: “We were first!”  Last Friday, my boys “performed” their “I Am” Poems, that they worked on all week.  It was the FIRST week of instruction and we were the FIRST class in the school to have student work posted in the halls.  And, as of today, we are still the ONLY class to have awesome student work in the hallways!  I just wanted to celebrate our abilities to hit the ground “Running.”  :)

And speaking of “Running”… check out my boys daily “Track Practice!”

(*Note their personalized racing jerseys they each made)

They earn points each day, and if they receive a certain number of points by the end of the day, they get to move their runner to the next marker.  When they make it to a “Pit Stop” they’ve earned a trip to the prize box!
My Academic Athletes are definitely off and running (and learning)!

Now that we have a handle on our day-to-day routines, we are really starting to challenge our brains to STRETCH past their limits and get some “Brain Power” lighting up our room.
And now that I, personally, have a handle on my daily grind of when to plan, when to print and copy (as long as its not down), and even when I can catch a bathroom break… It’s time to get into the thick of what Special Education really is.  With my classroom (mostly) organized and functioning, and my students well aware of their expectations, I have to dig deeper into my role as Special Education Teacher and Case Manager.  This means… more organizing, more planning, and more copying, on top of my daily plans.  As the regular education teachers start to hit their stride, I have another hill to climb…  Time to create binders for each student, organize their assessment materials, plan for tracking their progress (in every subject, including behavior, speech, etc.), and get to monitoring their growth.

So, just when I thought I knew what I was doing… I am re-overwhelmed trying to sort out all of the assessments we use, which student takes which one, juggling everyone’s goals and needs, and managing the clock and calendar to fit all their tracking in.

But, again, I am reminded:  I am learning, right along with my students.

And I just have to thank God for renewing and refreshing my patience and strength each day.
Some days I use it down to the last drop, but each morning, I feel a fresh dose of Grace given to me, which I can give to my boys.  (And often, I have to give a little of that Grace to myself… with that whole learning thing…)

I also Thank God that it is starting to feel like FALL!  Which means my Saturdays are filled up with food, football, and friends! :)

What Fall Looks Like to Miss S:

Ohio State Buckeyes (to cheer for and to eat!)

Mom Schwam’s Gameday Mexican Dip!

Baking Season…


Not to mention: Pumpkin Spice Lattes! :)

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