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Nov 27 2012

Said, Did, Feel…

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
-Maya Angelou

I know they forget, or simply do not hear, over 80% of what I say in a day…
And I hope they forget at least 50% of the things that I do, because most of it is pretty ridiculous, or simply insignificant…

But I hope they leave me each day feeling… What?

How do I want my students to feel?  How should I want them to feel?

There are days all I want them to feel is joy.  Joy that they have been given this day as an opportunity to learn, to laugh, and to be a kid.  I want them to feel happy.  Happy that they pushed themselves to reach higher and stretch further.  Accomplished. Proud.  Successful.  Hopeful…

Then there are days I want them to feel a little self-critical.. that they could have done better.  I want them to leave feeling that tomorrow is another day, and they will be given a fresh start, to prove to themselves that they can.  I want them to feel determined.   Thoughtful.  Reflective.

I know what  I say may never click, and if it does, it may be years from now… But I want them to feel valued, as students, and as individuals.  I want them to feel important, in our classroom, our school, and our community.

Most of all…

I want them to feel Loved.

My boys are showing me more than ever that, as individuals, we give and receive love in such different ways.  They are pushing me, out of my comfort zone, to learn each of their love languages, and give the form of love they really deserve…

I truly am Learning the Art of Teacherly Love

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