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Jun 11 2013

Worst End of School Year Teacher Ever

For about a month now I have been on a slow decline into that blessed, peaceful, state of “Summer.”  After my final IEP meeting of the year, squaring away all of my boys’ summer school plans, one last round of progress monitoring, reading assessments, and data reporting, my brain has concluded that it is just done.  When passing another first year teacher in the hallway, we simply shake our heads and smile… We are both done.  Even the 15 year veteran teacher enters the room at the end of the day with the same expression… Everyone is done.

First, let me point out that the inspiration for this post comes from another kind of teacher, who has also been slipping into Summer Mode as well; this mom: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jen-hatmaker/worst-end-of-school-year-mom-ever_b_3378480.html

After reading this wonderful, and hilarious, mother’s thoughts on the post-standardized-testing part of the school year, I could not help but want to respond:

Moms, Dads, Grandmoms, Aunts, Guardians, whoever is the at-home teacher of our students… We are with you!

While you are arguing over completing reading logs, trying to convince them that talking counts because you can’t bear to listen to them painfully decode the 5 word sentence, we are actually listening to that reading (in assessment form), and then arguing over giving them new homework folders with only 6 days left…

We could not be more on the same page than we are right now, at the end of the school year.  We are all simply over it.  The excitement, the freshly sharpened pencils, the new book smell, it’s all gone, as well as all of our patience.  Our creative juices are dried out and we are no longer putting 110% of our hearts into each lesson.  To be honest, I would say each day, I only have about 50% left to give, and that is used up by lunch.  In fact, with the on-again-off-again state of the copiers, I have been lucky if I have gotten homework into those folders these past few weeks.  And you know what I am thinking as I send home boys with no homework?  “Meh,” complete with a shoulder shrug.

Yep.  That’s it.  That pretty much sums up these final 2 weeks of the school year.  My feelings towards school in general right now, my thoughts towards lesson planning, creating anything other than a good summer recipe, organizing anything more than my summer reading and travel calendar, and my efforts towards running the usually tight ship with a classroom full of antsy boys… Meh.

Patience is officially gone.  Brain is officially shutting down.  It is time to go.  We are done.

I think everything in this school is pointing to that same conclusion.  The copiers have been so fickle this past month, jamming, shutting down, giving up… all the student computers in our classroom lost internet for over a week and a half, which ended our ability to complete our online assignments, and also maintain Ms. S’s sanity while she tries to still teach half of the rowdy group! You would think I would move quickly to fix this issue, but you would be wrong.  I took a few days to get around to sending out the help email, and  then they took a few days to start working on it… Oh well… I have taken to reading (starting books for our Cross-Country Summer Book Club with my best friends!) or searching Pinterest recipes during my lunch, instead of, dare I say, working through my lunch! (The horror!)  The weekly Friday raffle, started by our Principal during April testing, that was so motivating to our students, has simply stopped happening, and thus, the motivation for those tickets is out the window… And just last week, my classroom projector cart lost a screw and now sits broken and tilted… (I think I may have lost a screw or two as well.)  I even woke up this morning (after several punches of the Snooze button) and looked at the date and thought, “Is it really only Tuesday? Oh gosh…”  All signs are saying, “We are Done.”

With everything seeming to say, “Go Home, You’re Done,” I have slowly started to follow directions.  Like my boys, I had to be told several times, through several different modes and versions, before I finally listened.  This week, the classroom started to be put in storage; cabinets were emptied of things we don’t use everyday, bulletin boards are coming down, and inventory is being taken.  Yet, we still somehow have to make it through 6 more school days?!  Meh.

The blankness of this wall is how my mind needs to be… Summer Bliss.

I think it’s safe to say that the mom who inspired this post would support me in announcing that I may be the “Worst End of School Year Teacher Ever”.  Yet, I am hoping she is smiling, cheering even, as she, and moms everywhere, realize that we teachers have also been maxed out, our brains have checked out, and we have signed off.  You are not alone moms.
We too are done, so let’s just call it a good year and go home.  You can have your kids back. :) Thanks for entrusting them to us for the past 10 months, but they are all yours now.

Yet another clue that it’s time to just stay home:

No injuries, but some serious smashed Bug action… Fixable, but not worth fixing.. Not to mention terrifying!
Time to start the search for a new, grown-up, car…

But after a negative phone call home, at least one mom is still holding her son accountable:










The “Homework” she made him turn in.

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