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Jun 26 2013

We Did It! Time for Nothing.

One week ago, I dismissed my boys for the last time this school year.
We did it!  The 2012-2013 year is done.  It’s in the books!  Desks and closets are filled and closed for the summer.  Hooray!

I can only imagine what my boys are doing already.. “I’m bored.”  One week into summer and their mothers and grandmothers are probably ready to send them back to me.  Luckily, several of them signed their boys up for some summer reading programs that begin this week! And guess who’s NOT teaching them! Big thumbs up from me on that one.

One week later and summer is just sinking in for me.  Now, I wish I had some profound reflections, or some amazingly thoughtful musings on my “First Year as a Special Education Teacher in West Philly,” but… Did I mention it’s summer?

Instead, I would much rather list the things I can now enjoy, and I mean fully sit and enjoy, now that we have given our last wave goodbye to this school year:

  • No packing-While I did pack for my long weekend trip to the homeland (OH-IO), here I am referring to the daily unpacking and repacking of the three everyday bags; lunch, school bag, gym bag.  No more rushing as soon as I get home to quickly repack all of these bags.. No more standing with the fridge open trying to think of something more interesting to eat the next day than a sandwich.. No more packing!
  • Lunch-Along with no longer packing a lunch, I can actually enjoy, even savor, my lunch… At my kitchen table… On a plate!  No more running to the bathroom, rushing to my desk, reading emails, or sorting through homework and classwork, preparing for next class period, and eating in less than 10 minutes.  Lunch is a beautiful time of day now.
  • No plans-No lesson plans, no daily schedules, no adding more to my planner, no to-do lists…. Complete and total nothingness. I am on my schedule, everything is done on my time, and right now, I am choosing to put nothing into my calendar… It sounds so selfish, but after 190-something days of following someone else’s lists and schedules, we teachers are allowed to be a bit selfish… It’s summer, after all.
  • Books-So many books to read!  The Cross-Country Book Club between best friends has begun, and along with those books, I have so many more on my list!
  • No alarm clock-This may be the best part of summer.  I love putting my phone on the night stand before I go to sleep knowing there’s no tiny alarm clock symbol in that top right corner reminding me that I have to get up.  Nope!  Just Samson to wake me up when he needs me.
  • Samson time!-Speaking of the little man… He seems to be adjusting nicely to his mom’s summer schedule of, well, no schedule.  He sleeps in, naps, enjoys watching the Today show with me while I drink my coffee, and we take nice long walks at whatever time of day fits into our non-schedule.

You might think that I sound a little bit indulgent, that I’m soaking up too much summer sun, or I’m just plain lazy now that school is out.  But, when I think about the last time I really had a summer break, with no classes, no teaching, and no schedule (except for gymnastics, of course), I’d have to go back 5 years.  Not to mention, the school counselor, who spent time with my group of boys, told me I deserve the most elaborate, relaxing summer of all.  Elaborate might be a bit challenging on a teacher’s budget, but, yes, I am going to fully indulge in the nothingness.  I am going to sink in to the summer days, let them pass slowly, and savor every last drop of those summer thunderstorms, because, in summer, teachers are allowed to be selfish. :)

Here’s how we kicked off Summer 2013:

Saying Goodbye to one amazing little Buckeye Bug.. Brutus.

Introducing… (Name TBD)! [2014 Kia Forte]
We averaged 36mpg on this trip! Can’t argue with that!

Samson was so ready to go! And then realized how boring 8 hours on the PA Turnpike really is…

He enjoyed his visit to Aunt Shan’s!  And he became a true Buckeye! :)


We also enjoyed our visit to the Buckeye State.
Celebrating another great girl becoming a Schwamburger!
{Abbey & Adam’s Wedding}

Ended the trip with an Ohio Must-Have:
Graeter’s Buckeye Blitz! :)
Let the summer savoring begin…

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