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Dec 05 2013

Before Break

In a whirlwind, the month of November was over.  With October ending on such a high note (We got ENGAGED on October 25!), November was jam-packed and gone as quickly as those 60% off big screen TVs on Black Friday.

With back-to-back IEP meeting on several days, PDs that seemed to never end, Progress Monitoring, and normal day activities, PLUS Wedding planning, I quickly lost sight of the present and kept pushing for that Thanksgiving Break.  Throw in Report Card Night, Conferences, florists and dress shopping, and suddenly we were in Virginia Beach, and I finally seemed to take a breath, and went for a run.

Thanksgiving was a much needed pause on life.  I left my work laptop at school, put off my upcoming IEPs for a few days, and did not set foot in any type of retailer for the entire weekend.  (Thanksgiving deserves it’s own day without Christmas shopping overstepping it; come on America.)  With The Game on Saturday (for those of you who don’t know, I’m referring to the biggest rivalry in sports; THE Ohio State University vs. That Team Up North), I also took time to make Buckeyes.  This is something I haven’t done all football season… That’s a problem!  I am glad Thanksgiving break gave me time to right that serious Ohioan failure.

And now, suddenly, it’s December!  And everything that is now on the agenda has the same timeline… “Before Break.”  Everything that you want to get done, has to happen in those shortened sunlight days of “Before Break.”  The IEPs that are due this month, must be scheduled this week, so the meetings can happen before break.  The unit that we’re working on right now, we have to finish it before break because if we don’t, you know they will forget things in the joys of the Holidays; it will be left laying on the floor like the wrapping paper of Holiday gifts, and then that wouldn’t be fair to do the unit test after they’ve already lost that knowledge we worked so hard to gain…

So while November was a whirlwind, December seems like it will be just the same.  Only this time, everyone, teachers, parents, students, and administrators alike, are all on the same deadline… “Before Break.”  And while we all agree on the deadline, this is also the most challenging time of the year to teach elementary school.  I’m sure you can guess why… One word:  Christmas.

I barely ever mention that word in school; it only starts a frenzy of excitement that then takes at least 5 minutes to calm down from.
I put Christmas out of my head while at work, but that seems to cause me to lose a little Christmas spirit… This year, I will work to find a balance.  I want to keep the Christmas spirit alive and allow the joy and excitement of my students to overflow and fill my soul too, but we will need to have outlets in order to keep this joy school-focused.  Writing prompts, letter writing, Holiday math, and maybe even some snowflake geometry may do the trick!  This is the time of year where we will get to be creative and showcase our Christmas spirit and how much we’ve learned in 2013!  And yes, we will do this all before break.

So while we are working on focusing our joyful spirits this month, there is also something you can help us with… ‘Tis the Season of Giving!  So why not give a little to our classroom?  And you know we would love for this project to be funded on that ever-present deadline, Before Break!
You can donate here:  Time Goes So Fast!


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