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Aug 25 2012

Room #306: Now Open!

First: A HUGE, GIGANTIC, THANK YOU!!!  To my incredible family: AMANDA, NATHAN, HT & HADLEY I cried when I found this in my mailbox: Thanks to you guys, I can get my students more supplies that will help them be creative and, more importantly, stay organized! With that, I hereby declare Mann Elementary; Room #306 now “officially” open to…

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“‘Twas the night before The First Day of School, and all through the house, Miss S was sure stirring… Too nervous to rhyme.   Her lunch was all packed, her bags all prepared, in hopes that the children… would not be there.   She knew it was not the right thing to think, but really,…

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I know as teachers, we become very attached to the children we see each and every day. Therefore, we also become attached to the “stuff” that reminds us of them; the pictures they drew, cards they wrote us, and even work they did that we were so proud they accomplished.  We also have this subconscious…

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Aug 12 2012

On Purpose

pur·pose noun 1.the reason for which something exists or is done. I suppose I should begin this project like we begin each lesson for our students; Explain “Why.” Why have I decided to keep a written account of my experiences as a first year special education teacher?  Why, when I will be stressed and exhausted from the…

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